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Full Intro: Peter C Goike III

Introducing... Peter C Goike III

My name is Peter C. Goike III I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. I was stung by the acting bug while working at Bayvillle Scream Park in 2008. While he easily frightened the parks visitors it was than when he knew this was his calling. Shortly thereafter in 2009, he became a cast member of New York City's Premier Haunted Attraction, Blood Manor and is currently a cast member of Long Island's own Long Island Fear Fest, in Old Bethpage. Other projects that Peter has had the pleasure of being a part of include a student zombie film and a Docu-Film titled, Zombie Chronicles: Infected Survivors, where he made his film debut while being chased & later infected by NYC zombies in this thriller short. Its safe to say by no means is his day job as much fun as his moonlighting career. Peter's other interests include improv, the paranormal, listening to rock music or reading a great mystery book to pass the time. Even Though he does all of this fun unconventional acting he still takes it very serious and with every role he plays he puts a certain amount of himself in it because you have too, otherwise its not acting its lying.

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