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  • My FIrst Blog.
    Posted: March 24, 2010 9:45 PM

    So, right now, I am in a show, High School Musical, where I play a character that is completely unlike myself. He's loud and out there, and he just talks weird. His name is Jack Scott. In addition, I am still trying to improve my singing skills. I take private voice lessons and looking into more and more experience. I'm not only stressed out over this show, and voice just takes a little effort to get better, and I want to get better. That's the difference from before, I really want to get better. I have some auditions in a few days. Not for a show, but this summer I want to go to NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts). I've prepared and worked with my amazing voice coach on my song, Lost in the Wilderness, and am currently taking a break from practicing my monologue. It's from a show I've never heard of, Three Days of Rain. But I've done alot of research of the play and it seems really cool. Auditions are the most nerve racking traumatic experiences ever, but if you aren't nervous, that means you don't care too much. At least, that's what I've heard. I must really care about this. It would be an insanely great honor to get to go, it's for their Summer Conservatory. I know it'll be so much fun, and it'll be good experience for future shows. I can't wait!

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My FIrst Blog.

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