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Resume: Ranita Bowers
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Ranita Bowers

Height – 5 feet 6 inches / 168 cm

Hair – Blonde

Eyes – Green

Body Type – Athletic

Ethnicity – White/Caucasian


Vocal Range – Soprano

Singing – Musical Theater, Country Western, Pop, Jazz

Dancing – Club, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Ballet

Languages – American English

My Favorite Year (Apr 2012)
Role: Opera Diva
Director: Kate Spiri
Organization: Berlin Brothersvalley High School
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Apr 2011)
Role: Ashers wife/ Dance Capitain
Director: Spiri
Organization: Berlin Brothersvalley High School
Once On this Island (Mar 2007)
Role: singer, actress, and dancer
Director: Scarlett livingston
Organization: carolina forest high school
A commercial for the growth on horry county (Oct 2006)
Role: Emily
Director: Unknown
Organization: unknown
Dr. Finkelsrien (Apr 2012)
Role: Mrs. Finkelstien
Director: Terra Thomas
Organization: Top Hat Rhythm and dance
Dancing in america (Jun 2008)
Role: Modern dancer
Director: Terra Anne Thomas
Organization: conway high school
pirate pixie's (Jun 2007)
Role: lady pirate
Director: Terra Anne Thomas
Organization: Conway high school
(Apr 2012)
Role: Senior Picture Model
Director: Brant
Organization: Brant Photography
Belk (Aug 2008)
Role: Model
Director: Belk manager
Organization: Hagood house
Gospel Community Sing Off (Aug 2011)
Role: Singer
Director: Sarina Hardison
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