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Resume: Rayanna Dibs
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Rayanna Dibs

Height – 5 feet 3 inches / 160 cm

Hair – Brown

Eyes – Brown

Body Type – Average

Ethnicity – White/Caucasian


Vocal Range – Tenor

Singing – Pop

Languages – British English

Sleep No More (Oct 2010)
Role: Sally - Widowed Sister
Director: Caroline Byrne
Organization: Actors Centre
Touched (Jun 2007)
Role: Sandra - 1940s Widowed Wife
Director: David Murray
Organization: The Bath Arts
Mouthful Of Birds (Jul 2006)
Role: Derek - Hermaphrodite
Director: Helen Roberts
Organization: The Bath Arts
Blood Brothers (Aug 2004)
Role: Mrs Johnstone
Director: Sean Nidoo
Organization: The Bath Arts
Schizophrenia me and me (Dec 2010)
Role: Schizophrenic No.13
Director: Howy Bratherton
Organization: pH Films etc
Room For Rent (Nov 2010)
Role: Sarah - Traveller
Director: Merlyn Roberts
Organization: WyldeWood Productions
Within Every Person (Oct 2010)
Role: Laura - Depressed loner
Director: Jade Heritage
Organization: Jade Heritage Productions
Clarity at Six 19 (Feb 2010)
Role: Tara - Gang Member
Director: Leo Mills
Organization: Pendragon Productions
The Urge (Aug 2009)
Role: Megan - Drunken pub girl
Director: Chris Andrews
Organization: Solstic Films
Angelos (May 2007)
Role: Contestant in line up
Director: Chloe Thomas
Organization: Bwark Productions
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