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Full Intro: Rene Lanausse

Introducing... Rene Lanausse

My name is Rene. I am new to the world of theater, only got into it last year. It all started when I joined my school's Drama Club, getting drafted for a part in our spring play. It wasn't a huge part, but enough to make me want to do more. Singing is my passion; I'm self taught, got all the talent I have from listening to and imitating songs on the radio. Now, I work on perfecting what I have, and have been told that I have a beautiful voice, whether I'm singing or not. I'm a good actor as well, and am able to imitate almost any accent or voice I hear with enough practice. I am a fairly friendly person, and get along well with most people, unless they rub me the wrong way, which can be hard to do for the most part.

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