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Photos: Ryan Cavanagh

Me as Willy Wonka and Frankie Thristino as Charlie Buckett during "Finale" in Willy Wonka.

Me singing "Do You Want To Know a Secret?" by The Beatles at a Beatles tribute cabaret.

Me as Max Dewiller and Anthony Panarello as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

Me as Jean Prouvaire and Scott Bottner as Comberfere during "ABC Cafe" in Les Miserables

Me as Brad and Matthew Pederson as Corny Collins during "Nicest Kids in Town" in Hairspray.

Me as Ken Gorman questioning a fake story to give the police in Rumors.

Me as Grant and Rachel Block as Hope snowed in at a soup kitchen in Once Upon a Holiday.

Me as Willy Wonka trying to get the golden ticket winners to sign a standard form of contract. If you look closely, the contact says somthing a little familiar...

The trasformation from Hunk to the Scarecrow backstage at the Wizard of Oz.

Me as Lefou and Chris Isolano as Gaston right before "Gaston" in Beauty&the Beast.

(From L-R) Michaela Catapano as Rabbit, Me as Tigger, Kassidy Harff as Roo, and Sarah Weynand as Piglet signing autographs for kids who came to see the show.

(From L-R) Tommy Castelli as Roger Davis, Me as Benjamin Coffin III, and Peter Rudilosso as Mark Cohen during "You'll See Boys" in RENT.

Me as Conrad Birdie around his fans during "Honestly Sincere" in Bye Bye Birdie

(From L-R) Top: Brooke Musmacker as Merryweather, Michaela Catapano as Flora, Sarah Weynand as Fauna. Bottom: Kayleigh Junz as Princess Aurora, Katrina, and Me as Prince Phillip at Katrina's character birthday after a Sleeping Beauty Performance.

Me as the Baker singing "No More" trying to find out what to do in Into the Woods.

Another seperate shot of Me as the Baker in "No More" looking over the only thing left of the Baker's Wife in Into the Woods.

An awesome picture from the audience of me as Ren McCormack and some of the ensemble right at the begining of "Footloose" in Footloose.

Ashley Ferraro as Columbia and me as a Phantom in the dressing room before Rocky Horror.

(From L-R) Carley Matthews as Elle Woods, Melissa Weingartner as Paulette Bonafonte, and me as Kyle B. O'Boyle when he delivers his "package" in Legally Blonde.

(From L-R) Aaron Rodriguez as Kenickie, Dean Cestari as Danny Zuko, me as Sonny LaTerri, Ken Crimmins as Doody, and Anthony Panarello as Roger when the T Birds make Danny tell his story before "Summer Nights" in Grease.

Ken Crimmins as a performer and me as Judas playing around on stage during intermission of Godspell.

Victoria Isernia as Belle and me as Lefou when Belle asks where he found the her father's scarf in Beauty&the Beast.

The cast of Godspell accepting our well deserved applause after "We Beseech The."

Meagan Materazo as Ariel Moore, and me as Ren McCormack singing "Almost Paradise" from Footloose.

(From L-R) Me as Ren McCormack, Tommy Castelli as Willard Hewit, and Ken Crimmins as Principal Clark at the end of "Can't Stand Still" in Footloose.


Me and Krissy Burke as Tevye and Golde at the end of "Do You Love Me" in Fiddler on the Roof.

A second photo of me(Tevye) and Krissy Burke(Golde) at the end of "Do You Love Me" in Fiddler on the Roof

Me (Tevye) and the ensemble during "Tradition" in Fiddler on the Roof

From left to right: Me (Tevye), Anthony Panarello (Perchik), Thomas Burke (Lazar Wolf) and Joseph Cavalieri (Mordcha) during the Bottle Dance in Fiddler on the Roof.

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