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Full Intro: Ryan East

Introducing... Ryan East

I'm Ryan Hawke East, and I am an aspiring young actor working my way through college at Cal State Fullerton, training to become the best actor I can be. Unlike most actors striving to gain fame, I am an actor striving to gain skills. Skills that will inspire my audience for the great, like how I was inspired. National Lampoons Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds created such an impact on my life as an actor. His character, Van Wilder, was my hero and I wanted to grow up and be just like him. It wasn't til a few months later and over a hundred of watching the movie that I realized Van Wilder never existed and Ryan Reynolds was just creating a character. I was shocked when I figured this out, and I was inspired to be able to do the same. So from that day on, I set my goals to become a film star with an objective to inspire. My obstacles, getting the opportunity, gaining the skills, finding an agent, networking. My actions, whatever I can do to achieve my goal...

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