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Full Intro: Devin Lowrey

Introducing... Devin Lowrey

I am crazy and comfortable in my skin. I like to be who I am for me and not for others. I like being myself and showing the world my individuality and personaltiy... I love theatre and have worked in all aspects: tech and acting most of my experience however has been onstage.

-As told by Ashley. :)

"So you may not know this, but I'm one of the strongest girls you'll ever meet. I've got a whole lot going on in life but I have friends that will do absolutely anything for me. I love watching Disney movies, because it reminds me of the great childhood days. I'm a fun spunky girl and can make anyone laugh. Writing and photography and theatre and gymnastics are my passions, but chances are I haven't shown you my incredible work. I also have an adorable laugh, that I can guarantee will make you smile. Sometimes I'm too hard on myself though, but I know those around me can see my true beauty."

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