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Full Intro: Safia Khan

Introducing... Safia Khan

My Name is Safia which means “pure” in the Arabic language. I was born on March 22, 1985 in Johannesburg, South Africa. I travelled to Atlanta in March 2007 through an exchange program. Becoming acclimated to my environment was an easy transition after been raised in the largest city in Africa. Both my parents are from South Africa; however my ethnicity is very diverse. My Father Ebrahim was Indian and his great grandparents where from North India, hence my last name Khan. My mother Soraya came from a multi-racial background of African, Indian and Cape Malay, which is a culture formed in Cape Town through slavery from Indonesia and Malaysia. The youngest of four children, I grew up extremely close to my siblings especially since we were each a year apart in age. Of course the ‘baby’ is the most daring and fearless from all four. I left the country and found that I can accomplish a lot through hard work and determination!

I attended Sir John Adamson High school where I was the president of the Interact Club for two years. This was an exceptional club to be a part of. We raised funds and helped organizations such as orphanages, elderly homes, and many others. This brought realization to me that I need to always give more than take from the world. Currently I am attending Atlanta Metropolitan College and will be completing my Health and Physical Education Associates Degree. This would allow me to further my education in Nutrition which I would like to graduate through Georgia State University. I believe that this is my destiny to help people. Food is of great importance and I truly believe that we have lost all sense of nutrition in our lives.
I taught Yoga at the Villages at Carver YMCA in 2009 and I have done more private classes sporadically through this year. Yoga is my life style, thus enforcing a vegetarian diet encouraging wellness and longevity. Belly Dancing is another physical activity I enjoy. Dance makes me feel free and allows me to access my alto ego! Often I am booked for private parties or events as a Belly Dancer.

My modeling career has taken off this year. Dyme Empire is an independent fashion label in Atlanta that been apart of has helped me further my model career. Hair shows, Print and Commercial have been my main area in this industry. I love taking great images and work professionally in any work place. Acting is another major interest to me. Working as an extra in film has encouraged me to pursue auditions for further projects. Fun, funk, energy and spunk are what I bring along!

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