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By the Beautiful Sea Taking place in 1907, the show concerns vaudeville performer Lottie Gibson and her love affair with ... musical
Bye Bye Birdie It's the late 1950s and teenagers from across the United States are going crazy for the handsome roc... musical
Cabaret As the Nazis begin their rise to power in Germany in the late 1920s, American writer Clifford Bradsh... musical
Cabin in the Sky Little Joe, a compulsive gambler, promises his wife, Petunia, that he’ll quit gambling and be a mo... musical
La Cage aux Folles Georges and his lover Albin, who stars as Zaza at their St. Tropez drag nightclub, "La Cage aux Foll... musical
Calamity Jane In the wild-west outpost of Deadwood City, 1876, we find the sharpshooting tomboy, Calamity Jane sur... musical
La Calisto Jupiter is in love with the goddess Diana's votary, Callisto. On the advice of Mercury, Jupiter take... opera
Call Me Madam During the presidency of Harry Truman, Mrs. Sally Adams becomes Ambassador to the small European nat... musical
Camelot The show opens hopeful enough with King Arthur nervously preparing to meet his new Queen, Guinevere.... musical
Can Can Set in the year 1893, Can-Can tells the tale of Paris dance hall owner, La Mome Pistache, and her ba... musical
Candide In beautiful Westphalia, Candide, his cousin Cunegonde, her brother Maximillian, and the maid Paquet... opera
Canterbury Tales The story revolves around a group of Englishman on their annual journey to Canterbury. Telling tales... musical
La Canterina La Canterina is a story of a beautiful, young singer (Gasparina) and her mother (Apollonia) making t... opera
The Capeman The Capeman is based on the true story of Salvador Agron, a teenage Puerto Rican gang member who gre... musical
Capriccio In 18th century Paris, Countess Madeleine loves both music and poetry. And soon she finds herself wo... opera
Captain Louie Captain Louie is a one-act musical that takes place in present day New York City and focuses on a br... musical
Captain Stirrick The musical is set in 1807 England under the poor conditions of George III’s England. The story re... musical
The Captain's Daughter The action takes place in Russia, in 1775 during the Pugachov rebellion. Young Pyotr is sent to a fo... opera
Cardillac In 17th century Paris, the goldsmith Cardillac is revered for his amazing works of art. Meanwhile, ... opera
Carmelina Taking place in the small Italian village of San Forino, about eighteen years after the end of World... musical