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Broadway Musical, Play and Opera Character Descriptions

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Name Show Role Size Age Gender Voice
A Customer The Nervous Set N/A - N/A
A dealer in decrees The Birds - male
A Doctor A Streetcar Named Desire cameo 45 - 75 male spoken
A dog Brundibár supporting - N/A
A Drunk Subways Are for Sleeping N/A - male
A Eunich Il corsaro (The Corsair) cameo - male tenor
A Eunuch Chee-Chee N/A - male
A Fairy Babes in Toyland supporting 16 - 35 female soprano
A Fool Gawain supporting 20 - 40 male baritone
A footman Ariadne auf Naxos (Ariadne on Naxos) cameo 25 - 55 male bass
A Gay Blade The Happiest Girl in the World N/A - male
A Gendarme Miss Liberty N/A - male
A Girl The Ladies of the Camellias cameo 20 - 30 female spoken
A girl in distress Divorce Me Darling! N/A - female
A Haberdasher The Taming of the Shrew cameo - male spoken
A Harmonica Player The Who's Tommy cameo 25 - 55 male
A Herald The Happiest Girl in the World N/A - male
A herald The Birds - male
A Herald Rinaldo cameo 21 - 45 male tenor
A hermit Der Freisch├╝tz (The Freeshooter) cameo 30 - 60 male bass