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Broadway Musical, Play and Opera Character Descriptions

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Name Show Role Size Age Gender Voice
A Soldier Arms and the Man cameo 20 - 40 male spoken
A Soldier/Alex/other characters Sunday in the Park with George cameo 20 - 40 male baritone
A sparrow Brundibár cameo - N/A
A Stenographer America's Sweetheart cameo 30 - 50 female
A surgeon La forza del destino cameo 30 - 60 male bass
A Tailor The Taming of the Shrew cameo - male spoken
A Tax Inspector Irma la Douce N/A - male
A Very Narrow-Minded Owl Chee-Chee N/A - male
A villain Emilia di Liverpool cameo - N/A
A Voice from Above Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman without a Shadow) cameo 25 - 55 female alto
A Voice from Heaven Don Carlos cameo 20 - 60 female soprano
A Waiter The Cat and the Fiddle - male
A Watchman Much Ado About Nothing cameo 20 - 50 male spoken
A wedding guest The Acharnians 0 - 0 male spoken
A Widow The Taming of the Shrew cameo 40 - 60 female spoken
A wigmaker Ariadne auf Naxos (Ariadne on Naxos) cameo 25 - 55 male baritone
A Wine Smuggler The Happiest Girl in the World N/A - male
A Workman/watchman Uncle Vanya cameo 30 - 50 male spoken
A young dancer Capriccio cameo 14 - 21 female mute
A Young man A Streetcar Named Desire cameo 17 - 28 male