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Full Intro: Shardae Morris

Introducing... Shardae Morris

Hi my name is Shar'dae Morris, I am looking to expand my portfolio and for exposure.

-I DO NOT, do nudes.

For a very long time i've held alot of big dreams and ideas i would love to accomplish in my life but i dont come from a rich family so its not that easy. I've been trying to get in to modeling since 6th grade, A dancer since FOREVER, acting well hey ive been told it suits me, And photography has always been interesting too me. Ive been scouted a couple of times but all these agencies want thousands of dollars! That i dont have, my motto is "If they want me it will come pricless". So a model friend of mine told me too sign on to StageAgent, that it would be good for me so here i am looking to get some exposure, experience, and to hopefully meet my dreams and goals some how.

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