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Pipe Dream Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Pipe Dream Characters
Click on a character's name for a full description. (Available for StageAgent Pro members.)
Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Sumi female cameo
Sonya female cameo
Millicent Henderson female cameo
Weirde female cameo
Hilda female cameo
Bubbles female cameo
Basha female cameo
Harriet female cameo
Kitty female cameo
Suzy female soprano 20 – 30 lead
Fauna female soprano 35 – 55 supporting
Agnes female cameo
Mabel female cameo
Beulah female cameo
Emma female cameo
Becky female cameo
Marilyn female cameo
Cho female cameo
Majorie female cameo
Pancho male cameo
Ray Busch male cameo
Pedro male cameo
Johnny Carriaga male cameo
Slick male cameo
Fred male cameo
Esteban male cameo
Sonny Boy male cameo
Dizzy male cameo
Slim male cameo
Doc male baritone 30 – 40 lead
Hazel male bass-baritone 25 – 35 supporting
Mac male tenor 21 – 40 supporting
Jim Blaikey male baritone 30 – 50 supporting
Joe male 30 – 60 supporting
George male cameo
Herman male cameo
Bill male cameo
Alec male cameo
Eddie male cameo
Whitey male cameo
Red male cameo

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