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Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
D.J. C.R.W.P. male N/A
Jingle Singers female N/A
Joe Maudlin male N/A
Jerry Allison male N/A
Hipockets Duncan male N/A
The Hayrider Boys male N/A
Buddy Holly male N/A
Radio Engineer male N/A
Decca Producer male N/A
Norman Petty male N/A
Vi Petty female N/A
Radio D.J. W.D.A.S. male N/A
Radio D.J. W.W.O.L. male N/A
Radio D.J. S.W.P.T. male N/A
Radio D.J. C.L.S. male N/A
Candy female N/A
D.J. at Apollo Theatre male N/A
Performer at Apollo Theatre N/A N/A
A Cricket male N/A
Maria Elena female N/A
Murray Deutch male N/A
Maria's Aunt female N/A
English D.J. male N/A
Peggy Sue female N/A
The Big Rapper male N/A
Ritchie Valens male N/A
Dion male N/A
The Bellmonts male N/A
Frankie Sardo male N/A
Stage Manager Clear Lake male N/A
D.J. Clear Lake male N/A
Mary Lau female N/A
The Surf Ballroom Band N/A N/A
Buddy's Band at Surf Ballroom male N/A
Autograph Hunters, Jingle Singers, Producers, Musicians N/A N/A

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