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Captain Stirrick Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Captain Stirrick Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
William Perfect N/A N/A
Warder male N/A
Town Crier male N/A
Tommy male N/A
Thomas Gray male N/A
Thief male N/A
Street Trader male N/A
Street Girl female N/A
Rico male N/A
Petra female N/A
Percival Simms male N/A
Peg Clarke female N/A
Passers-by, indigents, street-vendors, constables, urchins N/A chorus
Ned Stirrick male lead
Mrs. Flockton female N/A
Mr. Leach male N/A
Mario male N/A
Maria Taylor female N/A
Lord Kensington male N/A
Lestock Peacock male N/A
Lady Caroline Watson female N/A
Judge Prinseps male N/A
Jones male N/A
Joe Conerley male N/A
Jimmy Pender male N/A
Jem Barnes male N/A
Jack Wilkes male N/A
Grandfather Fantocinni male N/A
Elisa female N/A
Donkin male N/A
Daffy male N/A
Constable Pratt male N/A
Charlie Clarke male N/A
Chaplain male N/A
Caroline Cottenham female N/A
Carlo Fantocinni male N/A
Bill Long male N/A
Barmaid female N/A

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