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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Synopsis and Character Descriptions

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Alfred Temple male cameo
Arne Lawrence male cameo
Aunt Polly female 35 – 55 supporting
Becky Thatcher female 13 – 16 supporting
Ben Rogers male cameo
Doc Robinson male 35 – 60 cameo
George Bellamy male cameo
Gideon Temple male cameo
Huckleberry Finn male 13 – 18 lead
Injun Joe male 30 – 50 supporting
Joe Harper male cameo
Judge Thatcher male 40 – 60 cameo
Lanyard Bellamy male cameo
Lemuel Dobbins male 35 – 60 supporting
Lucinda Rogers female cameo
Lucy Harper female cameo
Lyle Bellamy male cameo
Muff Potter male 35 – 60 supporting
Naomi Temple female cameo
Pap male 40 – 55 supporting
Reverend Sprague male 35 – 55 supporting
Sabina Temple female cameo
Sally Bellamy female cameo
Serene Harper female cameo
Sid Sawyer male 12 – 16 supporting
Susie Rogers female cameo
Tom Sawyer male 13 – 16 lead
Widow Douglas female 50 – 80 supporting

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