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Mexican Hayride Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Mexican Hayride Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Mrs. Augustus Adamson female N/A
Lombo Campos male 30 – 45 lead
Eadie Johnson female N/A
Augustus, Jr. male N/A
Mr. Augustus Adamson male N/A
Joe Bascom (Humphrey Fish) male 30 – 40 lead
Montana female 25 – 35 lead
Horton Henderson male N/A
Jerry Sylvon male N/A
Billy male N/A
Dagmar Marshak male N/A
Henry A. Wallace male N/A
José male N/A
Lolita Cantine female N/A
A. C. Blumenthal male N/A
Tillie Leeds female N/A
Lydia Toddle female N/A
Carol female N/A
Mme. Lupescu female N/A
Miguel Correres male N/A
David Winthrop male 30 – 45 lead
Bolero male N/A
Chief of Police male N/A
Lottery Boy male N/A
Mrs. Molly Wincor female N/A
Lottery Girl female N/A
Paul male N/A
Eleanor female N/A
Lillian female N/A
Senor Martinez male N/A

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