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Cyrano Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Cyrano Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Foodsller female cameo
Madame Aubry female cameo
Urimedonte female cameo
Roxana female 18 – 30 lead
Roxana's Duenna female 35 – 55 supporting
Sister Marguerite female cameo
Sister Marthe female cameo
Sister Claire female cameo
Doorman male 25 – 45 cameo
Marquis in Yellow male cameo
Musketeer male cameo
Cavalryman male cameo
Pickpocket male cameo
The Marquis in Red male cameo
The Marquis in Beige male cameo
Ragueneau male 25 – 45 supporting
Christian de Neuvillette male 22 – 32 lead
Le Bret male 22 – 35 supporting
Count de Guiche male 30 – 50 supporting
Viscount de Valvert male cameo
Jodelet male cameo
Montfleury male 30 – 45 cameo
Cyrano de Bergerac male 25 – 40 lead
Theophraste Renaudot male cameo
Capuchine Monk male cameo
Candle Lighters, Ladies of the French Academy, Actors, Actresses, Boys after Pies, Bakery Staff, Gascon Cadets and Soldiers, Cyrano's Pages, Nuns, Citizens N/A chorus

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