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Divorce Me Darling! Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Divorce Me Darling! Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Dulcie Dubois female N/A
Nancy Lebrum female N/A
Fay de la Falaise female N/A
Maissie van Husen female N/A
Polly Brockhurst female N/A
Lady Brockhurst female N/A
Mme. Dubonnet female N/A
Cecelia Doublewick female N/A
Prunella Oglethorpe female N/A
Felicity Bagworth female N/A
Hannah van Husen female N/A
Solange female N/A
A girl in distress female N/A
Pierre Lebrum male N/A
Marcel de la Falaise male N/A
Alphonse Dubois male N/A
Bobby van Husen male N/A
The Hon. Tony Brockhurst male N/A
Lord Brockhurst male N/A
Percival Browne male N/A
Hortense male N/A
M. Gaston male N/A
The President of Monomania male N/A
Sir Freddy Fotherington-Fitch male N/A
Bell-boy male N/A
Raoul male N/A
Manager of the Cafe Pataplon male N/A
Gendarme to the President male N/A
Three American Sailors, Hotel Guests & Staff, Holiday Makers, Diners N/A chorus

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