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The Fairy-Queen Synopsis and Character Descriptions

The Fairy-Queen Characters
Click on a character's name for a full description. (Available for StageAgent Pro members.)
Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
3 Attendants to Oberon N/A countertenor
Autumn male tenor
Chinese Man male countertenor
Chinese Woman female soprano
Corydon male baritone
Drunken Poet male baritone
Fairies and Attendants N/A various
First Fairy female soprano
Hymen male baritone
June female soprano
Mopsa female soprano
Mystery female soprano
Night female soprano
Night female soprano
Nymph female soprano
Phoebus male tenor
Second Fairy female soprano
Secrecy male countertenor
Sleep male baritone
Spring female soprano
Summer male countertenor
winter N/A baritone

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