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Victor/Victoria Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Victor/Victoria Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Richard Di Nardo male tenor supporting
Street Singer female mezzo cameo
Sal Andretti male baritone cameo
Clam male cameo
Gregor male cameo
Juke male cameo
Madame Roget female cameo
Chambermaid female cameo
Miss Selmer female cameo
Jazz Singer male tenor 22 – 35 supporting
Norma Cassidy female alto 23 – 35 supporting
Victor/Victoria Grant female alto 27 – 37 lead
Squash Bernstein male baritone 30 – 50 supporting
King Marchan male baritone 32 – 47 lead
Simone Kallisto female 38 – 50 cameo
Toddy male baritone 40 – 60 supporting
Henri LaBisse male bass 40 – 65 cameo
Andre Cassell male bass 40 – 65 supporting
Cosmetic's President male 60 – 80 cameo

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