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Don Carlos Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Don Carlos Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Flemish deputies, Inquisitors, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Spanish Court, the people, Pages, Guards, Monks, Soldiers N/A 10 – 80 chorus
Rodrigo male baritone 21 – 35 lead
Philip II male bass 40 – 65 lead
The Grand Inquisitor male bass 35 – 60 supporting
A Monk male bass 50 – 80 supporting
The Princess Eboli female mezzo 20 – 30 lead
Countess of Aremberg female mute cameo
Elisabeth of Valois female soprano 20 – 30 lead
Tybalt N/A soprano 10 – 19 cameo
A Voice from Heaven female soprano 20 – 60 cameo
Don Carlo male tenor 21 – 35 lead
Count of Lerma male tenor 21 – 45 cameo
Royal Herald male tenor cameo

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