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Resume: Stephen J Heffernan
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Stephen J Heffernan

Height – 6 feet 1 inches / 185 cm

Hair – Brown

Eyes – Blue

Body Type – Average

Ethnicity – White/Caucasian


Vocal Range – Non-Singer

Singing – Singing in the Shower

Dancing – Two left feet

Languages – American English, British English

The Shakespeariean Godfather (Aug 2009)
Role: Luca Braci
Director: Robert Mitchel
Organization: Non-Profit Theatre Company
The Tempest (Jun 2009)
Role: Prospero
Director: Anthony Wininger
Comic Potential (Apr 2009)
Role: Doctor/Farmer
Director: Marsha Hollander Parker
The Taming of the Shrew (Jun 2008)
Role: Merchant/Tailor
Director: Jonathan Gregory Elkins
Richard III (Apr 2007)
Role: Edward IV
Director: Ted Gregary
An American Century (Sep 2006)
Role: Stranger (Tommy Kilroy)
Director: Andrew Stanley
Diaspora (Nov 2005)
Role: Marek
Director: M.E. Wlodarczyk
The Goblit (Sep 2005)
Role: Cornish Lord/Irish Lord
Director: Ted Gregory
Rich White Trash (Jun 2002)
Role: Chet Huck
Director: Jerold Rabushka
Cowboy Logic (Jun 2001)
Role: Lannie Buckmaster
Director: Robert Beck
The Bridal Night (Aug 1999)
Role: Danny Donohue/Irish Police Officer
Director: Kristen Dakewicz
The Chastitute (May 1999)
Role: Young John Bosco/Waiter/Thug #2
Director: Josephine Craven
Fate Accmmpli (Jul 2009)
Role: Man
Director: Wolfgang Lehmkuhl
Buzz Saw (Oct 2005)
Role: Pete Sheppard
Director: Robin Garrels/David Burnett
Amphetamine (Apr 2003)
Role: Ray Prince
Director: Chris Grega
Cannibal (Feb 2001)
Role: Walter
Director: Wolfgang Lehmkuhl
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