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Resume: Tamilee Espinosa
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Tamilee Espinosa

Height – 5 feet 7 inches / 170 cm

Hair – Brown

Eyes – Brown

Body Type – Average

Ethnicity – White/Caucasian, Latino/Hispanic, Other


Vocal Range – Soprano

Singing – Musical Theater, Opera, Country Western, Pop, Jazz

Dancing – Club, Belly

Languages – American English, British English, Spanish

Dead Ones (Sep 2013)
Role: Murray Boswick
Director: Ben Armstrong
Organization: Netherworld Haunted Attraction
Headwig and the Angry Inch (Jul 2010)
Role: Yitzak
Director: TC Burton
Organization: Le Buzz
Georgia Renfair (Apr 2010)
Role: Vender
Director: Brian Luellen
Organization: Georgia Renaissance Festival
Blood Night (Sep 2009)
Role: Murray Boswick
Director: Ben Armstrong
Organization: Netherworld Haunted Attraction
Godspell (Oct 2008)
Role: Socrates and Featured Soloist
Director: Janet Speer
Organization: Lees McRae
Murder on American Idol (Oct 2008)
Role: Paula Fazoul
Director: Willie Cogburn
Organization: The Great Smokey Mountain Murder Mystery Dinner Show
Horn in The West (Jun 2008)
Role: Nancy Ward
Director: Julie Richardson
Organization: Southern Appalacian Historical Association
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (May 2008)
Role: Violet
Director: Melvin Tunstall III
Organization: Blowing Rock Stage Co
Wanda's Visit (May 2008)
Role: Wanda
Director: Justin Bulla
Organization: Lees McRae College: One Acts
SWING! The Musical (Mar 2008)
Role: Featured Soloist
Director: Janet Speer
Organization: Lees McRae College
Arabian Nights (Feb 2008)
Role: Ensamble
Director: Tessa Carr
Organization: Lees McRae College
Lucky Stiff (Oct 2007)
Role: Landlady, Puerto Rican Nurse, French Maid & Ensamble
Director: Micheal Hannah and Steve Parrish
Organization: Lees McRae College
Tasteless Love Story (2005)
Role: Narrator
Director: Chris MacPherson
Organization: Misguided Productions
Once Upon a Mattress (May 2002)
Role: Queen Aggrivain
Director: Peg Welch
Organization: Sevier County High School
Amused Life Collective (Jan 2013)
Director: Rob Howard
Organization: Visual Eyes
Burlesques Christmas (Nov 2012)
Organization: Mystic Mountain
Gothic Horror (Nov 2012)
Director: Rob Howard
Organization: Visual Eyes
Shoot at the Fox (Jun 2010)
Role: Cha Cha Solie
Organization: Dim Horizon Studios
Pink Ribbon Shoot (Apr 2010)
Role: Cha Cha Solie
Organization: Dim Horizon Studios
(May 2009)
Role: Alternative Hair Styles
Director: Toni
Organization: Sheer Envy Salon
Handel's The Messiah (Dec 2007)
Role: Featured Soloist
Director: Peg Welch
Organization: 10 Year Alumni Choral Concert
Ghost Train (Oct 2007)
Role: Monster
Director: Joe Clark
Organization: Tweetsie Railroad
Country Legends Revue (Mar 2006)
Role: Country Vocal Impersonator
Organization: McFee Entertainment
Ripley's Haunted Adventure (Jun 2005)
Role: Actress
Director: Chris MacPherson
Organization: Ripley's Entertainment
Mysterious Mansion (Mar 2005)
Role: Monster
Organization: Mysterious Mansion
Additional Info

Studied Country vocalization under Pasty Cline Impersonator :9 years

Studied under Peg Welch from 5 years: Choral, Gospel, solo style and Opera.

Studied under Brenda Boozer of the Metropolitan Opera House 15 years: Opera, Musical theater, and Country vocal technique.

Janell Reeping : Basic Stage Performance 3 years

Steve Parrish :Acting in Musical Theater and in Technique for improv

Dr. Tessa Carr : Acting within an Ensemble production

Dr. Micheal Hannah: Accents ;Cockney, French and Spanish .

Chris MacPherson :Acting within a Burlesques Productions

Chris MacPherson: Acting within a year round haunted house


Razzle Dazzle :Machine Embroidery

Dr. Tessa Carr : Seam-stressing

Dr. Micheal Hannah: Seam-stressing


Ripley's Haunted Adventure : Sci-Fi and Gore

Dr. Janet Speers :Make up design and theatrical stances

Dalton Dale: Intermediate Makeup Design

Sabrina Osborne :Techno Dance and Burlesques movement

Jim Taylor :Basic Pedestrian movement

Dr. Janet Spear :Movement for the Stage , Period Dance

Music comes easiest but I do enjoy a challenge. My range can go for a low E2 to a high F6. Well rounded in vocal styles and can do technical work as well as a performing role.
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