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Full Intro: Tassa Markman

Introducing... Tassa Markman

Hi, I'm Tassajara Vajra Kali Katherine Elisabeth Markman. Yes, that is my full name :-)
I've been in 5 plays, 9 musicals, and various choir performances/talent shows/school performances/improv team and drama class performances. I'm active in the drama and choir departments at my high school, I've been singing for 12 years and dancing for 7. I began my love for performing when I started ballet at the age of 4. I grew up wanting to become a famous ballerina like Anna Povlova or Margot Fonteyn; when I had to quit ballet and tap I was devastated, and began to become more involved in acting. I saw Annie when I was 7 and told myself and my parents that I WAS going to be Annie before I turned 13. Two weeks before my 13th birthday, I got the role of Annie in a summer conservatory production of the show. After moving from the Bay Area back to Los Angeles, I made it my goal to persue theater; my goal was Broadway before I turned 30. I was offered and agent, but soon lost contact with them after my grandmother, my number one fan and stagemom passed away in January of 2009. Since then, I have moved back to the Bay Area and thrown myself into the business, taking workshops and classes when I'm not at school, as well as taking musical theater classes and the two advanced choirs as electives. I have performed some of my favorite and most challenging roles in my high school, and am planning to go to college and graduate schools with a theater/journalism major.
More than anything, I want to be in the arts. I am more than willing to scrape gum off of floors for the rest of my life if it means I'm around a theater. The stage is my home-applause is my drug. I don't perform because I want to be famous, I perform because I want to be somebody. I feel it is my destiny to be onstage and create something beautiful, eccentric, attractive, different, and new with each character I play. I will go leaps and bounds to find that niche of who my character is, and I know that I need to listen and be told critique that I may not like to hear, to become the best performer who I can be.

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