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Full Intro: Tess Hensel

Introducing... Tess Hensel

Hello, my name is Tess Hensel. I have been acting since I was in fifth grade when I started Battle Creek Junior Theater. The most recent plays I have been in are Annie and Aladdin when I doubled up on the roles of Duffy the orphan in Annie and the princess in Aladdin. I am taking theatre arts right now in high school where I have preformanced monologues and small skits. My classmates and teacher often tell me after a monologue that I always am able to take a character and make it origional and realistic. I have played roles from standing in the background, to standing in a spotlight. I can dance anything you choreograph (within reason: i cannot do the splits) without previous dance experiance. I learn very quickly and can memorize a monologue in two days at the most. I enjoy working with other actors and learning from experiance in any role I am casted as.

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