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Full Intro: Tessa Marie

Introducing... Tessa Marie

I'm a junior in high school and these are the things that I will be telling you about me.
I love all my friends, family, boyfriend , pets.
I love to things after and during the school like my hobbies are sing, acting, hangout with friends and hangout with my boyfriend I'm in my high school musical spamalot I have either 38 or 39 songs written I also have YouTube videos under Theresa Littleworth, tessa maire, tessa Littleworth, I'm writing my own book right now to I'm on chapter 5 hoping to make it into a t.v show
Now for things that I do not like which are
1. Don't tell me to change who I am just to pleas your need
2. If you want to be my friend you should take me as me and nothing more then that.
3. Don't be a player or a hater I hate both of those things
4. Oh and don't yell at me just talk me like a sivel person can
5. Don't eggnore me when I'm talking to you if your busy just tell me
6. Do break my friends heart
That's really it so you see we will get along great as long as you don't do any of these

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