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Full Intro: Veronica Aldaz

Introducing... Veronica Aldaz

My name is Veronica Aldaz. Twenty something years ago i was born in Uruguay; small and beautiful country in South America, I'm an aspiring actress that likes to perfom different types of parts, you name it and i will do everything to get the best out of me.
I think of myself as a hard worKer and my satisfaction in life is to achieve my goals, beside enjoying my craziness.
I think of acting is an exellent scape out of reality, it's great to wear somebody else's shoes for a while.
On the dancing area, i've studied among my life different styles as arabian, classical, hungarian, and a bit of others, i don't think of myself as a professional dancer of any style but i have the passion and energy that takes to make something good out of what i know.
Singing area: I love to sing, and what can ia say... i'm a professional shower singer! but being honest with myself my recordings keep on saying: "stay in the shower girll, and don't dare to show that to anyone!"
I'm looking for an opportunity and i trust that destiny will give it to me, sooner or later...
My e-mail adress is:

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