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Full Intro: Victoria Whetzel

Introducing... Victoria Whetzel

I am Victoria Summer Whetzel. I am a young dreamer, full of life and passion for the arts. The theatre is my happy place, and I believe the individuals you meet in the theatre are some of the most incredible people in this world. There are many people who pursue theatre so their name will be in the lights and so they will make millions. I dream of pursing theatre because I believe it is all about giving back and theatre truly plucks my perfect heartstrings. The greatest feeling in the world is the feeling of knowing I have touched hearts with my performance. I pray before every performance that I can inspire audience members, make someone happy, and share with others what theatre has done for me. If I am able to do these things that gives me hope that I am doing my job right as a human being, and then there comes pure joy overflowing my heart.
My personal motivational quote: "The arts mend the broken hearts"

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