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Full Intro: William Parker

Introducing... William Parker

My name is William Parker, but I go by Billy. I have just finished college with a Bachelor's in Music Performance from Valley Forge Christian College. I am a versatile singer with abilities ranging from Operatic, to musical theatre, to even pop and rock. I have been singing from the time that I was three in various school plays, church plays, and college operas. I want to become a great stage performer. I like Opera and Musical Theatre equally and a life on the stage would be excellent. I have learned ball room dance about four years ago, and enjoy being able to use it and learn more. I did participate in a college level show choir called the Macombers at a previous college. There I learned more dance techniques in various fields, and I also gained more experience putting on shows and working with different instructors. I am very excited to put my skills and degree to work and start working as an on-stage performer.

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