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Full Intro: aaron jones

Introducing... aaron jones

I am confident, I love to act, the stage is my pulpit, where i become another rebirthed to tell his story, to inspire, entertain and teach others. One of my musical heros is Zak Efron. His story of theatre to fame inspires me. I have overcome many hurdles to be where i am possibly one of the greatest being re-gainning my health after being overwieght most of my childhood. I was morbidly obeast and in need of help, od helped me help myself and today i am here and healthy, living my dream through musical theatre. I dreamed of the day i would be one of the skinny guys and today I am. My most recent proformance was in a passion street theatre production where i live. There was tv coverage and my photo along side ricardo turner in the local newspaper. Prior to that i took a lead part in a massive musical theatre production of Scrooge the musical, selling more and more tickets every night to a sell out finnish. This production started as an amature production but soon scaled to a grand musical , bringing the audience to tears as i delivered my money over love speak to belle my fiance. I played young scrooge. This was most of the most unique experiences i have had in a while. Prior to this i have been in other proformances all of which wouldn't have been posible if it wasn't for the church helping me discover my acting and singing talent.I am a member of choirs and have preformed at various venues across britain and am currently preforming at the national youth music festival
in a choir. I am also a keen dancer and love to sing especially in gospel style. I also play piano and write my own music mainly love songs. I would love to be part of high school musical two, it would be a great oppertunity to advance myself as an actor, singer and dancer.

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