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Full Intro: Crystal Scarboro

Introducing... Crystal Scarboro

Hey. The name`s Crystal Geneva. I`m fourteen years youngg && I reside in Eastern US of A. I`m of Korean && African descent. I`m an actress/model. But acting is my passion. I have many experiences with modeling &+ a little bit with acting. I`m a very sophisticated young girl. Many people think i`m 15-17. I don`t really see it but okay. I love to sing && dance (in my bedroom]. But I never really given much thought to being a singer. I L0VE writing stories && plays. I hate drawing though, I know weird right ? I`d just rather write an essay than draw a cartoon any day. Then again, that`s just Crystal. I`ve been a on-off again vegetarian for about a year. I`m solid now. Photography is my LiFE.

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