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Full Intro: Christian Blanton

Introducing... Christian Blanton

My Name is Christian Blanton, but I often go by my stage name: Brooklynne Milagros Salazar. Hard to say it 3 times fast I know. I am a performing artist. I have been acting, singing, and performing poetry/spoken word since middle school. I am very passionate about music, and I love to have fun on the stage. I've worked in most aspects of theater; I've been a stage hand, a director and assistant countless times to many producers, I've done lights audio and curtain and pulling for shows. Recently my work has consisted of writing my own skits and short plays. Along with poetry performances (singing included)to stay fresh in the spotlight. I have live performance experience in dinner theaters, comedy plays and improvisation. I'm a lutergical dancer, not professional but with choreography I'll move any way you ask me to. all I have to say is give me a chance and I'll show you my worth, hopefully I'll leave you with a dynamite performance!... ~Brook

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