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Hello, Dolly In Hello, Dolly!, Dolly Levi, the well-known matchmaker, attempts to find herself a husband in the w... 199
Hellzapoppin' Helzapoppin was a hilarious musical revue that was constantly rewritten to focus on current events. ... 0
Henry IV Part 2 In the second Henry VI play, the play opens with Prince Hal and Falstaff. These criminals and lowlif... 2
Henry IV Part I Henry IV Part I is based around the King of England and events that lead up to a gigantic battle at ... 3
Henry IV Part I Henry IV Part I is based around the King of England and events that lead up to a gigantic battle at ... 0
Henry V Under sinister pressure from the Church of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the young King ... 8
Henry VI, part 1 At the beginning of Henry VI part 1, Henry’s funeral is taking place and messengers arrive with ne... 0
Henry VI, part 2 This play follows Henry who marries Margaret of Anjou. She is a student of William de la Pole who s... 2
Henry VI, part 3 This play rounds out the trilogy of Henry VI plays. Henry and York come to an agreement that Henry ... 1
Henry VIII ... 1
Henry VIII In Great Britain in the 1500s, Cardinal Wolsey is a powerful and ruthless man who has made many enem... 0
Henry, Sweet Henry 'Henry, Sweet Henry' concerns two love-struck and wealthy teenage girls, Valerie and Gil, wh... 1
Here's Love ‘Here’s Love’ tells the classic tale of Kris Kringle, a fat, white-bearded gentlem... 2
L'Heure Espagnole L'Heure Espagnole takes place in an eighteenth century clock shop in Toledo, Spain. The clock-maker... 1
High Button Shoes Harrison Floy, a small-time con artist, manages to scam an entire town in a land promotion deal. Aft... 0
High Fidelity The show follows the adventures of Rob, a record store owner who knows almost everything there is to... 6
High School Musical Disney’s High School Musical focuses on a high school jock, Troy, and a nerd, Gabriella, who, whil... 288
High Society Tracy Lord is ecstatic about her impending marriage to George Kittredge, a successful industrialist.... 14
High Spirits After the writer Charles Condomine hires a woman who can communicate with spirits, all hell breaks l... 5
Hippolyte et Aricie The story is taken from Classical mythology, by way of one of French literature's masterpieces, the ... 0