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Plot Summaries & Character Descriptions from Important Musicals, Plays, Operas & Ballets

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The Drowsy Chaperone The show revolves around one musical theatre fan’s obsession with a fictional show from the 1920s ... 148
DuBarry Was a Lady Louis Blore, attendant in the men's washroom of the Club Petite in New York, wins $75,000 in the Iri... 0
The Duchess of Malfi A classic tragedy of lust, passion and political intrigue, the play takes place in the Italian city ... 0
The Duck Variations The Duck Variations presents two old friends, Emil and George, in 14 variations, talking about ducks... 0
Edgar Edgar loves a pure village-girl (Fidelia) and also lusts for the Moorish girl (Tigrana). He ends up... 0
Edmond The plot focuses on a New York businessman’s descent from respectability to murder and prison. Aft... 0
Edward II Edward II features Christopher Marlowe’s most nuanced characters and some of his finest language. ... 1
The Eighth Wonder The opera concerns how the amazing Sydney Opera Housein in Australia got built. The story revolves ... 0
Einstein on the Beach The plotless libretto of Einstein on the Beach consists of solfege syllables, numbers and short segm... 0
Electra (Euripides) Orestes, the grown son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, and his companion, Pylades, travel to Argos, h... 1
Electra (Sophocles) Electra is a saga about murder and revenge. Agamemnon, the father of the house, was killed by his un... 3
Elektra After the Greek general Agamemnon returns from war, he is murdered by his wife Clytemnestra and her ... 2
The Elephant Man The play chronicles the true story of John Merrick, treated first as a fairground freak because of h... 12
Elisabetta, Regina Inghlitera The Earl of Leicester returns to England after his great victory over Scotland. As a present to the... 0
L'elisir d'amore (The Elixir of Love) Nemorino, a simple peasant, is in love with the beautiful and wealthy Adina. However, she agrees to... 12
Emilia di Liverpool The opera takes place in a small mountain town. Emilia, seduced and now penitently working in a her... 0
Enchanted April Set in the 1920's, this play centers around four English women who rent a castle on a remote Italian... 8
The Enchanted The Enchanted is about a schoolteacher named Isabel who is fascinating with the truths behind life, ... 1
Endgame The plays revolves around Hamm, an aged master, who is blind and can't stand up, and his servant Clo... 5
An Enemy of the People

A coastal town in Norway is on its way to becoming a major health resort than...