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Plot Summaries & Character Descriptions from Important Musicals, Plays, Operas & Ballets

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Show Title Synopsis Fans
Plain and Fancy The plot brings a pair of New York sophisticates, Dan and Ruth, into the Amish country of Lancaster ... 1
The Plain Dealer ... 0
Plataea (Platée) Cithaeron, the King of the Mountain, suggests to Mercury that Jupiter may teach his jealous wife Jun... 0
A Pocketful of Rhymes ‘A Pocketful of Rhymes’ is a musical revue based on the traditional Mother Goose nursery rhymes.... 2
Poliuto ... 0
Porgy and Bess In the African-American tenement in Charleston, South Carolina, times are tough. The residents make... 67
Le postillon de Lonjumeau ... 0
The Power of the Fiend ... 0
Prelude to a Kiss Peter and Rita are two young, happy lovers who are getting married. On their wedding day, after the... 3
Present Laughter A famous actor, Garry Essendine, finds himself visited by a young admirer, Daphne Stillington, who m... 0
Pride and Joy Helene Nadler is a woman living on Long Island with three gay children. She constantly brags about ... 0
Pride and Prejudice This play is the theatrical version of Jane Austen’s famous novel from 1813 of the same name. The ... 39
The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie A liberated young schoolteacher at an Edinburgh girls' school in the period between the two wars, in... 1
Prince Igor ... 0
Princess Ida Prince Hilarion has been waiting for this day for twenty years. He is about to meet the girl he was ... 5
Prisoner of the Caucasus ... 0
Private Eyes A husband and wife, Matthew and Lisa, rehearse a play for a British director, Adrian. Adrian seduce... 0
Private Lives In Private Lives, passion, laughter, romance, anger and love set the stage for a classic battle of t... 8
The Producers ‘The Producers’ tells the story of a down-on-his-luck Broadway producer, Max Bialystock, and a n... 217
Prometheus Bound ... 2