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Broadway Musicals: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Musicals

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Show Title Synopsis Fans
Jack and the Beanstalk Taking place in medieval England, the musical makes some wacky additions to the classic childhood st... 10
Jamaica Set on an island off Jamaica’s coast, a poor fisherman, Koli, loves the beautiful Savannah. Howev... 0
Jane Eyre Jane Eyre is the story of an orphan girl who overcomes an abusive childhood and the death of her bes... 54
Jekyll & Hyde “Jekyll & Hyde” concerns a brilliant doctor whose experiments with human personality create a m... 448
Jelly's Last Jam Jelly’s Last Jam is the story of the jazz pioneer, Jelly Roll Morton. The show starts with Jelly p... 1
Jerry Springer - The Opera Jerry Springer – The Opera is a story of triumph, tragedy and trailer trash. The infamous Jerry S... 6
Jerry's Girls A musical review of songs from classic Jerry Herman musicals. ... 1
Jersey Boys Jersey Boys is the inspiring story of four blue-collar boys from Jersey who become the one of the bi... 265
Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus Christ Superstar tells the biblical story of Jesus Christ's final days of life. Over two thou... 413
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat In this retelling of the Biblical story, Joseph is a handsome young man who is his father's favo... 591
Jubilee The Royal Family of a fictional European country use the threat posed by an impending revolution as ... 1
Jumbo Jumbo is a show about a war between two rival circuses (and the first and only attempt on Broadway t... 1
Juno Ths story chronicles the disintegration of an Irish family in Dublin in the early 1920s, during the ... 2