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Broadway Musicals: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Musicals

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Show Title Synopsis Fans
Pacific Overtures Taking place in 19th century Japan, the story concerns the culture clash sparked by America’s 1853... 1
Paint Your Wagon After years of searching for gold out West, Ben Rumson and his young daughter, Jennifer, strike it r... 7
Pajama Game Pajama Game concerns the battle over a 7.5 cent raise between management and labor at the Sleep-Tite... 73
Pal Joey By using his self-confidence and cockiness, Joey Evans manages to get an M.C. gig at Mike’s cl... 9
Panama Hattie ‘Panama Hattie’ concerns Hattie Maloney, a nightclub singer in Panama, who is engaged to... 0
Parade ‘Parade’ concerns the true story of the 1913 trial of a Brooklyn-born Jewish factory manager Leo... 128
Pardon My English In order to promote the sale of alcoholic beverages, the German government has outlawed all soft dri... 0
Passion Captain Giorgio Bachetti of the Italian military finds himself at a remote base in 1863. He is enga... 22
Peter Pan (Charlop/Styne) 'Peter Pan' tells the story of a mischievous little boy who refuses to grow up. Peter Pan spends his... 142
Peter Pan (Chater-Robinson) Based on the play from J.M. Barrie, this version of Peter Pan takes place mostly in Neverland - a pl... 87
Phantom The musical is a bloody melodrama about the frightening caped and masked ‘phantom’ living in the... 32
Phantom of the Opera The musical tells the story of the gruesomely deformed Phantom who lurks beneath the stage of the Pa... 2367
Philemon The show takes place in the third-century Roman Empire where Christians are being hunted down. Cock... 0
Pickwick Pickwick is based on the Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club by Charles Dickens and takes place i... 1
Pinocchio (Prince Street Players' Version) Taking place in Italy, the musical tells the classic tale of a wooden puppet who wants to become a r... 10
Pipe Dream ‘Pipe Dream’ is a tale of hard times and star-crossed love on Cannery Row. The musical ... 1
Pippin Pippin is the story of Prince Pippin's quest to find personal significance. The Leading Player who ... 215
Plain and Fancy The plot brings a pair of New York sophisticates, Dan and Ruth, into the Amish country of Lancaster ... 1
A Pocketful of Rhymes ‘A Pocketful of Rhymes’ is a musical revue based on the traditional Mother Goose nursery rhymes.... 2
The Producers ‘The Producers’ tells the story of a down-on-his-luck Broadway producer, Max Bialystock, and a n... 217