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Broadway Musicals: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Musicals

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Show Title Synopsis Fans
Walking Happy Taking place in an industrial town in Lancashire, England, in 1880 the show concerns a hard-drinking... 0
We Will Rock You Taking place in the distant future, the story of ‘We Will Rock You’ exists predominately as a fr... 151
The Wedding Singer It’s 1985 and rock-star wannabe Robbie Heart, who still lives in his grandmother's basement, is Ne... 68
Weird Romance Weird Romance is a two one-act musical containing with a curious mix of a science fiction framework ... 0
West Side Story On the mean streets of New York City, two gangs are in a long-lasting duel. The Sharks, a Puerto Ri... 1193
Western Star The show takes place in the Colorado Territory, circa 1875. The citizens of the town of Esperanza w... 2
What About Luv? The show takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge over New York’s East River. Harry is about commit... 0
Where's Charley? Taking place in 1892, Oxford University students Charley and Jack are excited about their upcoming d... 0
Whistle Down the Wind Taking place in a small village in America's deep South, a devoutly religious 15-year-old girl, Cath... 22
The White Horse Inn Set in the beautiful Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria, ‘The Whitehorse Inn’ concern... 1
Whoop-Up Taking place near an Indian reservation in northern Montana, the show is a comedy focusing on two In... 0
Wicked Long before Dorothy flew in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. Elphaba, born with green skin, ... 3864
The Wild Party Taking place in the roaring 1920s ,‘Wild Party’ concerns a blowout party in one wild eve... 58
Wildcat Wildcat “Wildy” Jackson and her sister Janie arrive in Centavo City determined to strike... 1
Wildcat on Safari Set in a Safari Park, ‘Wildcat On Safari’ concerns the adventures of a loveable, scruffy... 0
The Will Rogers' Follies Claiming to have never met a man he didn’t like, Rogers was America’s first international multim... 10
Wish You Were Here The show takes place at Camp Karefree, a summer camp for adults. Depressed over her upcoming marria... 2
The Wiz While similar in plot to “The Wizard of Oz”, The Wiz (usually) uses an all-black cast to... 122
The Wizard of Oz (Prince Street Players' Version) After a tornado whisks away a young Kansas farm girl, Dorothy, to the magical land of OZ, she starts... 121
The Wizard of Oz (RSC version) After a tornado whisks away a young Kansas farm girl, Dorothy, to the magical land of OZ, she starts... 350