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Broadway Musicals: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Musicals

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Gentleman Prefer Blondes Gentleman Prefer Blondes is the story of a blonde girl from Little Rock, Lorelei who knows how to ge... 13
George M! (Yankee Doodle Dandy) The show tells the story of the singer-dancer-actor George M. Cohan's life in show business with... 4
Gigi ‘Gigi’ is the story of a young French girl trained by her Aunt Alicia to be a courtesan.... 9
Girl Crazy According to his father, Danny Churchill Jr. too focused on girls and parties. Thus, Danny’s fath... 2
The Girl Who Came to Supper The show tells the tale of an American chorus girl, Mary Morgan, wooed by a Balkan archduke, the Pri... 0
The Girlfriend Leonard, a farm boy, is determined to compete in a major six-day bicycle race and win the heart of t... 0
Godspell Godspell is a fun, modern day retelling of the New Testament parables from The Gospel According to M... 350
Godspell Junior Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew and drawing from various theatrical traditions, such as... 10
The Golden Apple Taking place in the small town of Angel's Roost in, Washington State, the story relocates the my... 1
Golden Boy ‘Golden Boy’ is the story of a young African-American man, Joe Wellington, who takes up ... 0
Goldilocks ‘Goldilocks’ tells the story of a film producer/director, Max, and his attempts to woo t... 2
Good News In the 1920s, football reigns king on the fictional Tait University campus and Tait's collegians... 6
The Goodbye Girl Set in New York City, “The Goodbye Girl” tells the story of an unlikely romance between Paula, a... 6
Goodtime Charley Putting a comic spin on history, ‘Goodtime Charley’ re-tells the story of Joan of Arc and a fun-... 0
Grand Hotel In 1928 Berlin, the world is between wars and the stock market is booming. The center of the action... 6
The Grand Tour Set in 1940, the story concerns an unlikely pair forced together due to approaching Nazis. S.L. Jac... 0
Grease It's 1959 and Rydell high is filled with rebellious, thrill-loving students. In the midst of th... 1050
The Great Waltz Set in Vienna in the spring-time, the story of the show is loosely based on the real-life feud betwe... 0
A Greek Slave Show revolves around the tangled love lives and misunderstandings of a Roman household in A.D. 90. R... 0
Greenwillow In the magical town of Greenwillow, a spell has been placed in which the eldest of the Briggs men al... 0