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Operas: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Operas

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Der Freischütz (The Freeshooter) The young ranger Max loves Agatha and is to become the successor to Kuno, the head ranger and Agatha... 0
Feast in Time of Plague Set in 1665 London during the Black Plague, the opera revolves around a banquet in which revelries c... 0
Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold) Das Rheingold ("The Rhine Gold") is the first of the four operas that comprise Der Ring des Nibelung... 0
La forza del destino After Don Alvaro, a nobleman from South America, settles in Seville he falls in love with the daught... 0
Galileo Galilei Drawing from letters of Galileo and his family, and various other documents, the story concerns Gali... 0
La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) La gazza ladra is the story of a young girl who is tried and sentenced to death for stealing a silve... 0
Genoveva After the Christian knight, Siegfried, answers the Bishop of Trier’s call to join the crusade agai... 0
Gloriana ‘Gloriana’ depicts the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I of England and the Earl of Essex. ... 0
The Golden Cockerel The opera tells the story of a lazy and gluttonous King who seeks advice from his sons, a general an... 0
Götterdämmerung Brünnhilde sends her lover, Siegfried, off to explore the world keeping only the magic ring he has ... 0
Le Grand Macabre The central subject of the opera is mortality and its central character is Death, in the form of the... 0
The Handmaid's Tale Set in the United States in the early 21st Century, the country is run by a theocratic Protestant fu... 0
Háry János The story is of an Austrian army veteran in the first half of the 19th century who sits in the villa... 0
Les Huguenots The plot of the opera culminates in the historical St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in 1572 in which t... 0
Iphigénie en Tauride ... 0
Ivan the Fool ... 0
La Gioconda The opera is based upon the Victor Hugo play about the tribulations of the beautiful Gioconda. Barn... 0
Jenufa ... 0
Judith ... 0
La Juive (The Jewess) ... 0