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Parisina ... 0
Francesca di Foix The jealous Count hides away his wife, Francesca, in order to keep her away from the lustful eyes of... 0
Il Pigmalione ... 0
Pietro il grande ... 0
Dom S├ębastien While the Christian king of Portugal, Dom Sebastian is invading the Muslim Moors, the Grand Inquisit... 0
Zoraida di Granata ... 0
Adelia The opera concerns the question of whether the beautiful Adelia has kept her virginity. In fact, sh... 0
Pia de' Tolomei ... 0
L'ajo nell'imbarazzo ... 0
Poliuto ... 0
Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali ... 0
Imelda de' Lambertazzi ... 0
Il diluvio universale ... 0
Il castello di Kenilworth ... 0
Gianni di Calais Gianni di Calais is a melodramma semiserio, a "semi-serious" opera in three acts by Gaetano Donizett... 0
Alina, regina di Golconda A young shepherd girl, Alina, is kidnapped by pirates and taken to the kingdom of Golconda. She soon... 0
Olivo e Pasquale ... 0
Gabriella di Vergy Gabriella has been forced to marry Fayel after her childhood love Raoul is presumed to be dead. In f... 0
Emilia di Liverpool The opera takes place in a small mountain town. Emilia, seduced and now penitently working in a her... 0
Gianni di Parigi ''Gianni di Parigi'' is really the Dauphin of France who has taken the identity of a wealthy burgher... 0