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Operas: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Operas

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Show Title Synopsis Fans
Martha ... 2
Orpheus in the Underworld ... 2
Orfeo ed Euridice ... 2
Salome ... 2
Rinaldo Goffredo, the Captain General of the Christian army, is leading his men in attacking Jerusalem. He... 2
Rusalka (Dargomyzhsky) ... 2
Tannhäuser ... 2
The Sorcerer The rich but witless Alexis has a vision (preached to teamsters, lunatic asylums, and technical inst... 2
Countess Maritza Maritza, a wealthy land-owner, is tired of men trying to marry her for her money. Thus, she announce... 2
Andrea Chénier Andrea Chenier tells the story of two commoner men who love the same aristocratic girl, Maddalena, d... 1
L'amico Fritz Fritz Kobus is a wealthy landowner who has sworn to remain a bachelor. However, Fritz's friend, th... 1
L'Heure Espagnole L'Heure Espagnole takes place in an eighteenth century clock shop in Toledo, Spain. The clock-maker... 1
Semiramide With the help of Assur, Semiramide, the Queen of Babylon, has killed her husband King Nino. Thus, th... 1
Le Villi (The Willis) Roberto and Anna's engagement is being celebrated in the house of the forest guard. However Roberto ... 1
Doktor Faust In order to gain the ability to perform black magic, Dr. Faust strikes a deal with the Devil's messe... 1
Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearlfishers) The plot of Les Pechures de Perles centers around one beautiful Virgin, Leila, and two friends, Zurg... 1
La Clemenza di Tito (The Clemency of Titus) Bitter that the Emperor of Rome, Titus, does not return her love, Vitellia, the daughter of the form... 1
La Rondine (The Swallow) As the poet Prunier speaks of romance and love, Magda, a prostitute, reminisces about her past. She... 1
Adelson e Salvini A three act opera about a young painter, Salvini, who falls in love with the fiancé of the wealthy ... 1
L'Africaine (The African Woman) The opera is set in Lisbon and on an island in the Indian Ocean during the 16th century. Vasco da G... 1