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L' Enfant et les Sortilèges (The Child and the Spells) L'Enfant et les Sortilèges tells the story of a bad little boy in 1917 Normandy. He refu... 0
Elisabetta, Regina Inghlitera The Earl of Leicester returns to England after his great victory over Scotland. As a present to the... 0
Count Ory (Le comte Ory ) Count Ory is a bored, rich and impetuous nobleman. He only enjoys playing games with people and fin... 0
Teuzzone After the emperor Troncone dies in battle he leaves his son Teuzzone as inheritor to the throne. Me... 0
Attila The story takes place in 5th century in the city of Aquileia. Attila the Hun is attempting to conqu... 0
I Puritani I Puritani is the story of love between Elvira and Arturo amidst the English civil war of the 1640s.... 0
Beatrice di Tenda In order to gain the title of Duke of Milan, Filippo has married the former Duke's wife, Beatrice. ... 0
Doktor Mirakel Hauptmann(Captain) Silvio is in love with the daughter of the Mayor of Padua, Lauretta. Unfortunatel... 0
Paul Bunyan The opera focuses on a group of lumberjacks in early America. The men, brought in from countries ar... 0
The Rape of Lucretia The Rape of Lucretia revolves around a bet made between three Roman officers, Collatinus, Junius, an... 0
Boris Godunov Boris Godunov, the regent of the young Tsar Fyodor, has arranged the assassination of the Tsar's hal... 0
Blue Monday The opera takes place in a basement café near the intersection of 135th Street and Lennox Avenue in... 0
Castor et pollux Castor et Pollux is the story of brotherly and romantic love that brings its own heroic rescue of Ca... 0
Il corsaro (The Corsair) The Greek Corsair must leave his lover, Medora, in order to fight the Turks. In disguise, he manages... 0
Abu Hassan Deeply in debt to Omar, a moneylender, Abu Hassan and his wife come up with a scheme to fake their d... 0
Angelo The setting is in Padua in 1549. Tisbe, who loves Rodolfo, is Angelo's mistress. Angelo discovers t... 0
Béatrice et Bénédict Héro longily awaits the return of her fiancé, Claudio, from war. Meanwhile, Béa... 0
Belisario The General, Belisarius, has just returned home after a great victory. However, his celebration is e... 0
Bitter Sweet Set in 19th and 20th Century England and Austria-Hungary, the story revolves around a young woman, S... 0
Bluebeard's Castle Judith has just married the mysterious Duke Bluebeard. She finds that his castle is always dark and... 0