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Les Boréades By tradition, Queen Alphise is supposed to marry a son of Boreas. However, she falls in love with A... 0
Ça Ira Ça Ira is an opera about real life events that occurred during the French Revolution between ... 0
La Canterina La Canterina is a story of a beautiful, young singer (Gasparina) and her mother (Apollonia) making t... 0
The Captain's Daughter The action takes place in Russia, in 1775 during the Pugachov rebellion. Young Pyotr is sent to a fo... 0
The Cave The Cave is a multimedia opera that asks questions like "Who is Sarah?" and "Who is Ismael?" from Is... 0
Dantons Tod Dantons Tod concerns the story of Georges Danton and his attempts to fight back against the cruel ta... 0
Death in Venice In Death in Venice, the German writer, Aschenbach, decides to travel to Venice. Upon his arrival, he... 0
The Death of Klinghoffer The Death of Klinghoffer concerns the hijacking of the passenger liner Achille Lauro by the Palestin... 0
Bartered Bride (Prodaná nevěsta) Mařenka and Jeník want to marry but Mařenka’s father has arranged for her to marry Vašek, the ... 0
Dialogues of the Carmelites Dialogues of the Carmelites is a tragic opera about fear, faith, and courage in a Carmelite convent ... 0
Edgar Edgar loves a pure village-girl (Fidelia) and also lusts for the Moorish girl (Tigrana). He ends up... 0
The Eighth Wonder The opera concerns how the amazing Sydney Opera Housein in Australia got built. The story revolves ... 0
Einstein on the Beach The plotless libretto of Einstein on the Beach consists of solfege syllables, numbers and short segm... 0
Ernani Three men vie for the hand of the beautiful, young Elvira: Ernani, the outlawed nobleman reduced to ... 0
Ero s onoga svijeta (Ero the Joker) Ero the Joker is a comic opera about a wealthy young man from a neighboring village who pretends to ... 0
Euridice The opera's story is based on Ovid's Metamorphoses. It contains one of the first examples of recitat... 0
La favorite Taking place in early 14th century Spain, a love triangle develops involving the King of Castile Alf... 0
Die Feen (The Fairies) Die Feen is Wagner's first opera with a libretto based on a fairy-tale by Gozzi.... 0
The Fiery Angel (Prokofiev) Renata is a tortured soul possessed by a ‘fiery angel’ whom she loves. She later identifies the... 0
Florencia en el Amazonas (Florencia in the Amazon) The opera details the journey of the legendary diva Florencia Grimaldi and her fellow passengers on ... 0