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Broadway Plays: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Plays

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Agamemnon Set in Argos before the royal palace, Agamemnon concerns the return of Agamemnon, King of Arg... 2
Henry IV Part 2 In the second Henry VI play, the play opens with Prince Hal and Falstaff. These criminals and lowlif... 2
Henry VI, part 2 This play follows Henry who marries Margaret of Anjou. She is a student of William de la Pole who s... 2
The Bacchae The Bacchae powerfully dramatizes the conflict between the emotional and rational sides of the human... 2
Prometheus Bound ... 2
Three Tall Women ... 2
Suddenly, Last Summer ... 2
The Royal Hunt of the Sun ... 2
A Bright Room Called Day In 1930s Berlin, a group of left-leaning friends struggle to understand the world around them as Hit... 2
The Blood Knot

Blood Knot is a play about two brothers, who live in a one-room shack in a crumbling s...


Performed on a nearly bare stage except a pair of antique chairs representing an antique shop a...

The Government Inspector When the locals in a small town in Russia learn that an undercover government inspector is coming fo... 2
Move Over Mrs. Markham The play is set in a very elegant top floor London flat, belonging to Philip and Joanna Markham. Phi... 2
Translations Translations is set in a small Irish town in the summer of 1833. Hugh O’Donnell is the headmaster... 2
London Suite London Suite is a comedic play that follows four stories about relationships. All of the action tak... 2
Looped Looped is a play that premiered in 2008. The play has only two actors. Looped tells the story of Tal... 2
Exit the King Exit the King is perhaps Ionesco’s most conventional Absurdist drama. It takes place on King Bere... 2
Sylvia ... 2
Tambourines To Glory Tambourines To Glory is a musical play written in 1956. In 1958, Hughes turned the play into a nove... 2
Hannah and Martin Playwright Kate Fodor took real life people, Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger, and used them for h... 2