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Blue Surge Two policemen, Curt and Doug, are involved in a sting operation to prove that a massage parlor is ac... 0
Bobby Gould in Hell Mamet’s one-act play takes the lead character from Speed-the-Plow, grabs him out of bed in his PJs... 0
Boleros for the Disenchanted Jose Rivera's Boleros for the Disenchanted was inspired by the true events of playwright Rivera's ow... 0
Bondage Bondage, a one-act play set in an S&M parlor in Los Angeles, explores the relationship between Terri... 1
The Borderland The Borderland is a play about two families brought together in storm outside of Atlanta. The afflue... 0
Borstal Boy The play focuses on young Irish nationalist, Brendan Behan. Behan, who has joined the IRA, is sent ... 0
Boston Marriage Boston Marriage is set in a late Victorian Boston drawing room, the scene of much backbiting wit fro... 0
Boy Gets Girl In New York City, a magazine writer named Theresa ends up being set up on a blind date by a friend. ... 2
Brand The play presents the story of a priest, Brand, with a stark vision of a demanding, inflexible god. ... 1
Breaking the Code The play tells the story of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician, who devised the means of crackin... 1
Bridge & Tunnel A one-woman show about fourteen characters who travel the roads of assimilation to tell the story of... 0
Brief Encounter/Still Life At Milford Junction Railway Station, a housewife named Laura Jesson awaits the train home after a da... 1
A Bright Room Called Day In 1930s Berlin, a group of left-leaning friends struggle to understand the world around them as Hit... 2
Brighton Beach Memoirs Brighton Beach Memoirs is the first play in Neil Simon's semi-autobiographical comedic trilogy. Bil... 31
Broadway Bound Following Brighton Beach Memoirs and Biloxi Blues, this is the poignant and funny conclusion of Neil... 3
Broken Glass Phillip and Sylvia Gellburg are a Jewish married couple living in New York in the last days of Novem... 0

Performed on a nearly bare stage except a pair of antique chairs representing an antique shop a...

A Bronx Tale A Bronx Tale is a one-man show that tells stories from the young life of Calogero Anello. Calogero ... 0
Bus Stop In the middle of a howling snowstorm, a bus out of Kansas City pulls up at a small roadside diner. A... 17