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Broadway Plays: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Plays

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A Doll's House A Doll’s House is the story of a woman suffering in a man’s world. At first, it seems that woman... 16
Doubt A riveting clash of conscience and conviction turns the stuff of headlines into exquisite, engrossin... 36
Down to Sleep Two sisters are unable to get to sleep the night before they go to their father’s funeral, and the... 0
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde This play is a retelling of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, taking place in Victorian London. The... 8
Dracula The play Dracula by Steven Dietz closely follows the source material of the novel. The suspenseful s... 41
Driving Miss Daisy Set in mid-century Atlanta, Driving Miss daisy tells the story of an elderly Jewish matron, Daisy We... 7
The Duchess of Malfi A classic tragedy of lust, passion and political intrigue, the play takes place in the Italian city ... 0
The Duck Variations The Duck Variations presents two old friends, Emil and George, in 14 variations, talking about ducks... 0
Edmond The plot focuses on a New York businessman’s descent from respectability to murder and prison. Aft... 0
Edward II Edward II features Christopher Marlowe’s most nuanced characters and some of his finest language. ... 1
Electra (Euripides) Orestes, the grown son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, and his companion, Pylades, travel to Argos, h... 1
Electra (Sophocles) Electra is a saga about murder and revenge. Agamemnon, the father of the house, was killed by his un... 3
The Elephant Man The play chronicles the true story of John Merrick, treated first as a fairground freak because of h... 12
Enchanted April Set in the 1920's, this play centers around four English women who rent a castle on a remote Italian... 8
The Enchanted The Enchanted is about a schoolteacher named Isabel who is fascinating with the truths behind life, ... 1
Endgame The plays revolves around Hamm, an aged master, who is blind and can't stand up, and his servant Clo... 5
An Enemy of the People

A coastal town in Norway is on its way to becoming a major health resort than...

Enter Laughing Loosely based on the life of Carl Reiner, the story takes place in 1938 and focuses on a stage-struc... 1
Equivocation In 1606, Robert Cecil, prime minister to King James I of England, commissions Shakespeare to write a... 1
Equus Martin Dysart, a psychiatrist, investigates the savage blinding of six horses at a stable in Hampshi... 41