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Full Intro: Carrie Joy Sullivan

Introducing... Carrie Joy Sullivan

Yoyoyoy. I used to go to improv classes every week, for almost three years. I absolutely loved it. I miss theatre and I feel it in my bones. Acting on film isn't as natural to me as on stage... I'm a bit of a ham, but not too much.. I'm really good at playing crotchety old people, smart asses, and pissed off yankees. I'm from Nashville, TN. I've never even been to NY. I have worked at Waffle House for over 3 years. I wait tables, and I'm also a short order cook. That shit is intense. I've been playing guitar for 5 years, acoustic is my specialty. I write funk rock. I like singing with the homeless street musicians. I write, record, and edit my own music, and I also film, edit and produce my own music videos. They can be viewed on youtube. ( ) My email is ( ) please email me there instead of sending me messages. I can't reply to any because, of course, I'm a standard member of StageAgent. Lame.

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